Moving Services

Moving Services


Each piece of furniture or property to be run during the move requires a personalized packing. In Movements Flippers we offer the most appropriate packaging according to the objects transported and the type of removal services of each client. There is a wide range of cardboard boxes of different sizes, bubble paper, wooden boxes, among others. Bellevue Movers helps people in moving services.

Transportation To Removal Services

Depending on the final destination of the transfer, a local, national and international transport service can be offered. There are different types of trucks and vans of varying capacity, trailers that are used according to the kind of work and belongings to be transported. Even maritime transport can be offered, depending on the destination of the move.

Storage, A Plus For Moving Services

The furniture or different material can be stored temporarily in warehouse or containers, exclusively and independently, under control and security systems where the belongings will be stored under the absolute guarantees. This service can be used when the destination is under construction, or due to lack of capacity in the new residence. Or for any other need that may arise. For many clients, hiring a transfer company that offers this service is a plus for moving services.

Crane Rental

There is the possibility of needing stairs mounts furniture of different heights. In this way, the move will be more comfortable and safe. On many occasions, the furniture does not fit in the elevator. Even the community of owners prohibits the transfer of the facilities, among others.

These elevators allow the descent and the rise of furniture, boxes, and equipment between the house and the transport vehicle, greatly facilitating the move. Therefore, it is an important point to take into account in the removal services offered.